Lock Picking


Lock picking is the skill of unlocking security systems without the original key using special equipment. These scenarios may look familiar, you didn't pay attention and left your keys at work, you were in a hurry and forget your keys in the car, your car keys broke by mistake and you need car lock picking to open your car. We can all identify with that because at one point or another something like that has happened to all of us. Well, don't worry you came to the right place!

Lock pick service is a necessary skill for security professionals because it lets them open a security device without destroying or damaging it. When you lose your keys or lock yourself out of your house, our expert can let you back in very simply and easily.

Our trained and professional locksmiths have experience and knowledge of how to pick a lock without causing it any damage. Although some people think it's easy to pick a lock, if you don't do it right or don't use the right tools you can damage the mechanism and door by mistake, which can be very expensive and time consuming to fix; therefore it is better to call Germiston Locksmiths instead, our high quality service will save you time and money.

Locksmiths lock picking services:

Our Qualified technicians are experienced with safe cracking, combination, mortise and padlocks lock picking.

Few tips to help prevent the need of calling us:

• Concentrate whenever you leave your office. Remember to take your keys with you when you leave.
• Before you close your car door, check where your car keys are.
• Duplicate your car keys and also your home keys and put them in a safe place, for example a friend or family's house. If by any chance you forgot your keys somewhere, you know you have a spare one.

Remember that our technicians are here to serve you with any problem involving lock picking.